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As a Mental Health and Wellness Coach, Stefanie cultivates a non-judgemental environment for clients. Building self-awareness and self-compassion around the complexities of life is essential to creating your most harmonious life. Stefanie utilizes an individualized and client-centred approach, which is paramount to maintaining a successful therapeutic relationship. Clients are supported through their growth, discovering patterns and triggers, and processing both past and current life events.

Education and Training

Earning a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, and Master of Counselling with Distinction with a specialisation in Child, Youth & Family Therapy, Stefanie has extensive experience working with children, teens and adults in clinical settings, schools, and private practice facing a variety of issues including: anxiety, depression, trauma, and the complexities of grief.

Having worked with the Family Court of Australia, Stefanie has over seven years of experience of therapeutic interventions for complex family issues, including child supervised contact, and parental reunification. Completing Masters thesis in Self-Sabotage in Romantic Relationships, Stefanie specializes in dating and the navigation of successful relationships.

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